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All   paintings are created with oil paint on canvas


All   paintings are created with oil  on  canvas unless otherwise stated

Not About Zorro.jpg

Not about Zorro 80x60 cm  2019


Branches 50x40 cm  2007

pregnant 60x80.JPG

Pregnant 60x80 cm  2009

Catherine Zeta-Jones.jpg

Catherine Zeta-Jones 80x100 cm  2010

Ghanaian Woman In Costume l c.jpg

Ghanaian in costume 50x70 cm  2009

WendyvanWanten descending the stairs.jpg

Wendy descending the stairs 50x60 cm  2010

Woman in turquoise 40x50 cm  2007


Staring 50x60 cm  2009

Pretty Girl On The Beach.jpg

Pretty girl on the beach 120x80 cm  2019

Crossing Roads.jpg

Crossing Roads 80x60 cm  2013

Sunset sky l.jpg

Sunset Sky 70x50 cm  2020

Bridge 60x40 cm  2013

Sunset Sky ll.jpg
Ghanaian Woman In Costume ll.jpg
Katja Schuurman.jpg

Katja Schuurman 40x50 cm  2008

Sunset Sky 2   70x50 cm  2020

Ghanaian in costume 2    50x70 cm  2009

Vista On Floating Concrete Piles.jpg

Vista on floating concrete piles  80x120 cm  2010

vacuum cleaner

Vacuum Cleaner 60x80 cm  2007

Street View Of Prague in red-1.jpg

Street view of Prague in red  50x40 cm  2021

standing on water.jpg

Standing on water  30x40 cm  2021

If you are interested in one or more paintings, please inquire about the price.

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